MPF Adopt-a-Student Program

The Michigan Pharmacy Foundation (MPF) Adopt-a-Student program will be held at the MPA Annual Convention & Exposition Feb. 26-28, 2010. MPA was provided feedback from student pharmacists regarding the program. Major changes in the process have been put in place to make the process much easier. All student pharmacists wishing to be adopted must follow the process outlined below.

Student Instructions for Adopt-a-Student Program

Please follow these steps to sign up for adoption through the MPF Adopt-a-Student program.
  1. You must register for the convention. Register online or call the MPA office at (517) 484-1466. Registration for Student MPA members is complimentary. After Feb. 4, registration is $10.

  2. Visit MPA's Online Forum. Create a forum post under the "Students Needing to Be Adopted" section with the following specific information. This is necessary to facilitate the adoption process.
    • First and last name
    • E-mail address
    • College and year
    • Practice area preference
    • What day you plan to arrive at the Convention (Friday or Saturday)

  3. You must then sign up to volunteer at the Convention. This is a requirement to be adopted. Registration to volunteer is available online. Volunteer options include moderating or monitoring continuing education sessions, greeting convention participants and more.

  4. When a parent contacts you on the forum, be sure to correspond with them to get to know one another and arrange to meet up at the convention. (Note: you can sign up to be notified when anyone replies to your post. Look for this option when you make your original post or when you look at the post itself)
If you have any questions about this process, please contact La Vone Swanson at LaVone@MichiganPharmacists.org or (517) 377-0231. If you have questions about the forum itself, contact Jill Cobb at Jill@MichiganPharmacists.org or (517) 377-0240.

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