Participate in Upcoming Immunization Programs

MPA will be hosting two additional Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery Programs this summer to provide interested participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a primary source of vaccine administration and information. The first program will be held July 26 at the Lexington Lansing Hotel, and the second will be held Aug. 24 at the new MPA headquarters at 408 Kalamazoo Plaza in Lansing.

Registrants will be mailed a self-study approximately four weeks prior to the live training. The self-study must be completed and submitted at registration on the program date. Successful completion of the self-study will result in eight hours of continuing education credit. Successful completion of the live seminar component will result in 12 hours of live continuing education credit, for a total of 20 hours for the entire program. Click on the links below to access registration and additional information for each immunization program.

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