Congratulate Fellow Pharmacy School Graduates or Share This Opportunity with Parents!

Student pharmacists are invited to congratulate fellow graduates from the Michigan colleges of pharmacy this spring by taking out an ad in the May/June issue of Michigan Pharmacist journal. Members, parents, faculty and others are encouraged to be a part of student pharmacists graduation by including a special congratulatory message in this edition. The May issue is also the most read of the year, featuring the annual Michigan pharmacy economic surveys.

There are many options available, including individuals ads of 150 words or less ($100 each); and display ads, with your choice of a full page ($900), half page ($550), third page ($400) or quarter page ($250) size.

An order form is available online, or you can reserve your space by contacting MPA Communications Assistant Leah Godzina at (517) 377-0232 or Leah@MichiganPharmacists.org.

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